Volunteers and Committees

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization. Our AADC volunteers get involved where they can make the biggest impact in ways that combine their interests and expertise with vital work that supports our mission.

Once you have graduated and are in the AADC network, you can volunteer for a variety of opportunities – from serving on one of our many committees, reviewing alumnae candidates for fellowships and awards, matching mentors with mentees for our popular Douglass Alumnae Mentoring, chairing a committee, regional group or affinity network, preserving the history of the AADC with the Memorabilia Committee, or providing your financial expertise to our Investment Committee – plus so much more.

We hold a Leadership Training session in the fall to train our alumnae on opportunities and policies. Volunteers also receive information and resources to assist them in fulfilling their roles.

Join us to be part of the 40,000+ alumnae community.

Given the recent concerns in the United States about the use of data, the recent changes in global privacy laws, and our own strong sense of obligation to safeguard our members’ privacy as well as the AADC’s proprietary information, we have taken appropriate action to ensure the security of potentially sensitive data. AADC policy, as adopted by the board, requires all volunteers to sign a confidentiality agreement.


To get involved, please contact Lizethe Martinez ‘13 or call us at (732) 246-1600.