AADC Excellence in Inclusion and Equity Initiative

It is Past the Time To Take Action

The AADC is proud to be one of the first organizations within Rutgers University to address these societal issues with our Excellence in Inclusion and Diversity Initiative. Well-known speakers, experts and others have conducted thought-provoking workshops to stimulate discussion and help initiate changes.

Together, we will learn to use our voices and take anti-racism actions daily, not just in response to atrocious murders or headlines exposing injustices. We must take action because it is the right action to take.

Here’s how:

1. Take part in the AADC’s Excellence in Inclusion and Equity Initiative: 

A series of conversations led by professionals with first-hand knowledge. We will build on the intrinsic trust among Douglass alumnae to discuss how we can advance equity and inclusion in the context of uncomfortable realities. We will be better able to recognize situations of exclusion and feel more empowered to use our influence to help others gain access with respect.

2. Consider a contribution to fund this initiative. 

Dr. Debra Joy Pérez ’84, Chief Equity Officer and Senior Advisor to the President of United States Pharmacopeia, and formerly the Senior Vice President of Organizational Culture, Inclusion & Equity at Simmons University, has generously seeded this initiative with a gift of $5,000. She challenges alumnae to collectively contribute a matching amount.  This appeal supports our AADC effort to become more aware and better informed, so that we have the courage to be agents of change. Contribute online at or by check payable to the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College. Please note “Inclusion and Equity” in the memo line. Then mail your donation to the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College, 181 Ryders Lane, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

3. Stay connected. 

Douglass alumnae throughout history have come together through good and challenging times. We move forward together and become better together. Join us now. Watch for upcoming AADC Excellence in Inclusion and Equity Initiative programs at www.douglassalumnae.org and share your ideas and experiences by contacting douglassalumnae@douglassalumnae.org.

4. Take action in your communities. 

Apply what you know, what you learn from the AADC’s Excellence in Inclusion and Equity Initiative, and what you have experienced to be the “change agents” in your homes, in your neighborhoods, and in your spheres of influence. A more equitable and just society is possible when we put our values into action as “change agents” for the society we envision and desire.

Together, Douglass alumnae can effect positive change