Submit Your Proposal to Present at Our Ninth Annual Workplace & Professional Development Symposium

“I want to help women achieve through supporting workplace and professional development.”
— Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt ’42, Benefactor  

The theme for the Symposium is Maximizing Your Full Potential: Using the Power of Your Strengths and Talents for Professional and Personal Development.

Please complete our online Request for Proposals submission form. Completed proposals MUST be received by Thursday, June 20, 2024.

Whether you are a new graduate, beginning your career, exploring a new profession, advancing your career vertically or laterally, or considering retirement this year’s symposium will focus on embracing a holistic approach to being your best self, navigating interpersonal roadblocks and identifying tools and skills to proactively achieve your goals. We are seeking dynamic speakers to present at the Symposium on Saturday, September 28, on campus and who can present out of the box perspectives on a range of crucial topics including Neurodiversity, the Impact of Physical and Emotional Health on Career Success, Dealing with Burnout, Professional Etiquette, Redefining Retirement and Transitioning from Employee to Entrepreneurship. If you have a topic that aligns with our theme, we are open to suggestions and welcome all proposals! We are looking for various speakers to address each stage of the professional journey through workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. Please complete our online Request for Proposals submission form. We look forward to receiving your proposal!