Jewel Plummer Cobb Sisters Conference

“Our most important task is the guidance and inspiration we can give to young people through the process of education.”
— Dr. Jewel Plummer Cobb

This biennial conference is presented by the AADC Black Alumnae Network (BAN).

Our next conference will be hosted on Saturday, October 26, 2024. Details will be available soon. At our most-recently conference held in 2022, Embracing Herstory, Progressing in Sisterhood, Douglass Alumnae came together to be inspired, explore past and present social action, emerging expressions of gender identity, work-life balance, new boundaries, self-care and financial literacy and freedom using wealth creation options, all as the Covid-19 pandemic impacted our lives. We also proudly celebrated the 40th anniversary of the AADC Black Alumnae Network. Read more about our conference speakers in our announcement 

The AADC Black Alumnae Network (BAN) is an AADC affinity group was established in 1981 to address the social, political and economic concerns of alumnae of African descent through programming, mentoring and networking. Developed to promote and strengthen sisterhood among its members, AADC BAN provides its members a voice and educates the larger community about issues pertaining to her alumnae.
Panelists share expertise with Douglass Alumnae at Sisters Conference named in honor of former Douglass College Dean
Associate Alumnae of Douglass College Black Alumnae Network logo.
Audience at Douglass Alumnae Black Alumnae Network listen to keynote speaker at Jewel Plummer Cobb conference.