Yamiesha Bell ’15

Yamiesha Bell ’15 has provided dedicated service to the Associate Alumnae of Douglass College as an active volunteer and leader. She brings a spirit of enthusiasm and shares her time, talents and treasures with our AADC community.

Most recently, Yamiesha delivered eloquent remarks at the AADC 100th Anniversary Gala: Proud History to Bright Future in June 2022, where she shared her journey about meeting outstanding alumnae, being inspired by them and becoming involved in our alumnae community.

Yamiesha has developed an enduring connection to the AADC and is a role model. After graduating in 2015, she went on to earn an M.A. degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs from the University of Connecticut. She also received her M.A.T. in Secondary Education, Special Education from the Relay Graduate School of Education. She is a Certified Yoga Instructor, a member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., and coaches young people in her community.

As a tenth-grade special education teacher at Gotham Collaborative High School in The Bronx in New York City, Yamiesha reaches far and wide. She was featured on CNBC last year for helping marginalized groups with financial wellness through a book club that she created to share how to build personal financial literacy and mindfulness.

Yamiesha embodies the characteristics of a young alumnae leader who has maintained strong ties to her class and to the AADC. She is genuinely interested in helping others and demonstrates her commitment to the AADC’s mission. She has participated in and promotes many signature events and programs, including the AADC Victoria Dabrowski Schmidt ’42 Workplace and Professional Development Symposium and AADC Black Alumnae Network (BAN) Jewel Plummer Cobb Sisters Conference. She served as BAN president from 2019-2020, and was panelist in the “Spilling the Tea, Telling Our Truth” discussion at the 2018 Conference commemorating BAN’s 35th anniversary. In addition, she has participated in the Douglass Alumnae Mentoring Program as a Mentee.

For her enthusiasm and dedication to the AADC and our alumnae community, Yamiesha received the AADC’s 2022 Young Alumna Mabel Award at the Awards Ceremony at AADC Alumnae Reunion Weekend in June. Her thoughtful and gracious remarks demonstrated her gratitude and devotion to the AADC.

Yamiesha is a supporter of the AADC Annual Appeal and is a member of the Mabel Smith Douglass Leadership Circle at the Jameson Young Alumnae Society level. She was a member of the 100th Anniversary Proud History to Bright Future Honorary Committee. A consistent volunteer for the Development Committee, Yamiesha has been featured in videos that portray the power of alumnae involvement and all that the AADC community has to offer. Her support helps keep our AADC mission in motion and ensures our strength for generations to come.